Operating from offices in Switzerland and Panama, Swiss Alliance Group provides investment opportunities that accept and grow accounts for property owners. Using its deferred annuity investment strategy, Swiss Alliance Group assists clients with investments pertaining to rental properties, including vacation homes.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, people may be able to deduct the expenses of renting personal property, whether it is a house, apartment, boat, mobile home, or condominium. Typically, owners must report rental income obtained and present it on federal tax returns; however, if the rental period is short, owners may not need to report this income. 

Additionally, if homeowners live at the property and rent it to others as well, special rules apply. These homeowners may need to divide expenses between the time that they lived at the property and the period when the property was rented. Rental expenses cannot total more money than rent received. 
Swiss Alliance Group is a Zurich-based company that has joined the benefits of investment banking and vacation home ownership in one attractive package. Through purchasing a deferred annuity, Swiss Alliance Group clients are able to own and enjoy a vacation home at a luxury resort, and then recoup the cost of many years’ worth of vacations when the annuity matures.

The win-win prospect of vacationing for decades at virtually no cost is made possible by a customized, long-term investment strategy. A lengthy investment term allows the annuity fund to accrue sufficient dividends to make possible full repayment of the initial investment. When the predetermined maturity date arrives, clients receive a lump-sum payment that amounts to a complete return on their vacation ownership investment.

Furthermore, when designing the investment agreement, clients can create a plan that ultimately reimburses auxiliary vacation home costs, such as travel and home maintenance fees. The legal protections of the Swiss insurance industry ensure that each investment is fully guaranteed. Payout sums are fixed, and not subject to stock market fluctuations. In addition, annuity investments are anonymous, affording clients the benefits of privacy and protection.
The investment experts at Swiss Alliance Group have rolled the financial benefits of foreign investments and property ownership into one attractive plan. The company’s innovative investment strategy leverages Switzerland’s tax-free environment and guaranteed return on annuities to provide vacation property investors with the deal of a lifetime. Through committing to an annuity managed by Swiss Alliance Group, owners recoup all of their property investment costs after the annuity reaches its maturity date.

While Swiss annuities offer a guaranteed return, many investors have questions about other types of international investments. A common question is whether it is beneficial to hedge international investments. Mary Holm, personal finance expert and contributor to the New Zealand Herald, advises a hedged investment strategy. Hedging assets, she explains, helps protect investments from fluctuations in the home country’s currency.

For instance, investors in hedged international share funds are insulated from gains in the home currency, which cause the value of offshore assets to fall. Investors selecting an un-hedged fund see their investments increase or decrease in step with ongoing currency fluctuations. Thus, Holm suggests, a prudent investor should hedge at least half of his or her savings for safer long-term returns.
Backed by decades of first-hand experience, the Swiss Alliance Group is the only insurance company within Switzerland that has crafted special annuities for vacation owners. More information about this exclusive vacation ownership deferred annuity is below.

Q: What is a vacation ownership deferred annuity?

A: A vacation ownership deferred annuity is an investment which guarantees a lump sum payment upon maturity. The lump sum payment is equal to the total cost of a vacation ownership membership, which may include the vacation owner’s airfare and travel fees as well as membership costs.

Q: How does the Swiss Alliance Group guarantee a lump sum payment?

A: Like all Swiss insurance companies, the Swiss Alliance Group is required to maintain a security fund that is entirely separate from the company’s operating expenses. By law, the security fund must cover all of the company’s financial obligations, including the guaranteed lump sum payment for a deferred annuity.

Q: How does the Swiss Alliance Group vacation ownership deferred annuity work?

A: By applying a small, one-time percentage to an annuity plan, the Swiss Alliance Group will ensure that a deferred annuity client receives full repayment for their vacation ownership. Deferred annuities are long-term investments, much like investments in property and other major expenditures. For this reason, deferred annuities are often used to provide income during a client’s retirement years.

Q: Who is the Swiss Alliance Group?

A: The Swiss Alliance Group possesses decades of first-hand experience in investment banking, backed by the rock-solid Swiss legal and insurance sector. For more information about the Swiss Alliance Group, its legacy, and its principles, visit their website at www.SwissAllianceGroup.com.
Put simply, guaranteed deferred annuities are like a savings account issued by an insurance company, rather than a bank. Investors choosing guaranteed deferred annuities commit to a contract that delays the receipt of the lump sum payment, until the end of the term. This provides a large, one-time payment at a later date, for example, after the investor has retired.

A distinct benefit of selecting deferred annuities as an investment option is the deferral or, in some cases, the elimination of tax obligation. Contributions to the deferred annuity are only taxed when the investment income is received by the investor, after retirement. Unlike traditional investments, annuities controlled in Switzerland are entirely tax exempt. The security offered by investing in the insurance industry, coupled with the protection offered by Swiss investment law, makes deferred annuities an attractive and stable investment solution.

About the Company: Swiss Alliance Group draws on 40 years of combined investment and insurance experience to offer leading investment products to vacation owners. Advocating an innovative and safe investment strategy that offers a steady stream of income after retirement, Swiss Alliance Group has helped many future-sighted investors of all ages prepare for their future with guaranteed deferred annuities.
As a provider of annuity programs to vacation and resort owners, Swiss Alliance Group is well-versed in premier vacation spots around the globe. Through its Panama office, the firm has learned about the natural beauty of Latin America.

Latin America is home to such well-known locations as the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon River, and the Andes mountains. While any visitor to the area would do well to explore these beautiful areas, the lesser-known niches of Latin America also deserve the traveler’s time. Paraguay, for example, is home to Tatí Yupí, a wildlife refuge wherein tourists and vacationers may observe such exotic animals as the capybara and the white-eared puffbird. Angel Falls in Venezuela, another pristine location in Latin America, is home to sandstone structures, rain forests, and unusual mist clouds created by the waterfalls. For the adventurous tourist, the Atacama Desert in Chile also provides a unique display of natural landscaping with its hot springs and lava formations; the terrain often is used as a practice arena for space exploration due to the area’s challenging conditions.
From the experts at Swiss Alliance Group

Since 1885, insurance companies within Switzerland have been subject to supervision. Those insured are protected by Swiss laws, which establish the range of the Federal Office of Private Insurance (FOPI), a regulatory body connected to the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP). The FOPI has a staff of 30, with three separate sections: one for legal; one for life assurance; and another pertaining to accidents, illness, and damage insurance. Swiss insurance companies are required to be licensed by the FDJP to conduct business. Companies must set aside some of their own assets to protect investor funds. This is a legally mandated action, known as a “guarantee fund.” The FOPI conducts regular examinations of all aspects of the insurance industry, promoting a culture of financial excellence that is known worldwide. 

The Swiss Alliance Group provides deferred annuity products for clients who hold vacation ownerships.
Advantages of Offshore Investing

Investors who use Swiss Alliance Group’s products receive the many benefits of offshore investing. Annuity products based in Switzerland provide astonishing security and discretion for the discriminating investor. The country is one of the leading tax havens for investors and is well known for its political and economic stability. Furthermore, it is the location of the largest insurance industry in the world, the success of which continues to grow. Asset protection for investors is high, as creditors may not seize insurance policies from Switzerland, per the Swiss Federal Act on Insurance Contracts. Financial regulations provide guaranteed return on fixed annuity investments, and many regulations protect investors. Annuities may accrue for as many as 50 years in Switzerland, ensuring maturity in the future. Furthermore, Swiss annuities are tax-free. Individuals who are not Swiss residents are not required to report their transactions to any regulatory bodies, which ensures discretion. Swiss Alliance Group’s employees offer clients the trademark excellence of the Swiss financial industry.