Advantages of Offshore Investing

Investors who use Swiss Alliance Group’s products receive the many benefits of offshore investing. Annuity products based in Switzerland provide astonishing security and discretion for the discriminating investor. The country is one of the leading tax havens for investors and is well known for its political and economic stability. Furthermore, it is the location of the largest insurance industry in the world, the success of which continues to grow. Asset protection for investors is high, as creditors may not seize insurance policies from Switzerland, per the Swiss Federal Act on Insurance Contracts. Financial regulations provide guaranteed return on fixed annuity investments, and many regulations protect investors. Annuities may accrue for as many as 50 years in Switzerland, ensuring maturity in the future. Furthermore, Swiss annuities are tax-free. Individuals who are not Swiss residents are not required to report their transactions to any regulatory bodies, which ensures discretion. Swiss Alliance Group’s employees offer clients the trademark excellence of the Swiss financial industry.

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