Swiss Alliance Group is a Zurich-based company that has joined the benefits of investment banking and vacation home ownership in one attractive package. Through purchasing a deferred annuity, Swiss Alliance Group clients are able to own and enjoy a vacation home at a luxury resort, and then recoup the cost of many years’ worth of vacations when the annuity matures.

The win-win prospect of vacationing for decades at virtually no cost is made possible by a customized, long-term investment strategy. A lengthy investment term allows the annuity fund to accrue sufficient dividends to make possible full repayment of the initial investment. When the predetermined maturity date arrives, clients receive a lump-sum payment that amounts to a complete return on their vacation ownership investment.

Furthermore, when designing the investment agreement, clients can create a plan that ultimately reimburses auxiliary vacation home costs, such as travel and home maintenance fees. The legal protections of the Swiss insurance industry ensure that each investment is fully guaranteed. Payout sums are fixed, and not subject to stock market fluctuations. In addition, annuity investments are anonymous, affording clients the benefits of privacy and protection.

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