Backed by decades of first-hand experience, the Swiss Alliance Group is the only insurance company within Switzerland that has crafted special annuities for vacation owners. More information about this exclusive vacation ownership deferred annuity is below.

Q: What is a vacation ownership deferred annuity?

A: A vacation ownership deferred annuity is an investment which guarantees a lump sum payment upon maturity. The lump sum payment is equal to the total cost of a vacation ownership membership, which may include the vacation owner’s airfare and travel fees as well as membership costs.

Q: How does the Swiss Alliance Group guarantee a lump sum payment?

A: Like all Swiss insurance companies, the Swiss Alliance Group is required to maintain a security fund that is entirely separate from the company’s operating expenses. By law, the security fund must cover all of the company’s financial obligations, including the guaranteed lump sum payment for a deferred annuity.

Q: How does the Swiss Alliance Group vacation ownership deferred annuity work?

A: By applying a small, one-time percentage to an annuity plan, the Swiss Alliance Group will ensure that a deferred annuity client receives full repayment for their vacation ownership. Deferred annuities are long-term investments, much like investments in property and other major expenditures. For this reason, deferred annuities are often used to provide income during a client’s retirement years.

Q: Who is the Swiss Alliance Group?

A: The Swiss Alliance Group possesses decades of first-hand experience in investment banking, backed by the rock-solid Swiss legal and insurance sector. For more information about the Swiss Alliance Group, its legacy, and its principles, visit their website at
Put simply, guaranteed deferred annuities are like a savings account issued by an insurance company, rather than a bank. Investors choosing guaranteed deferred annuities commit to a contract that delays the receipt of the lump sum payment, until the end of the term. This provides a large, one-time payment at a later date, for example, after the investor has retired.

A distinct benefit of selecting deferred annuities as an investment option is the deferral or, in some cases, the elimination of tax obligation. Contributions to the deferred annuity are only taxed when the investment income is received by the investor, after retirement. Unlike traditional investments, annuities controlled in Switzerland are entirely tax exempt. The security offered by investing in the insurance industry, coupled with the protection offered by Swiss investment law, makes deferred annuities an attractive and stable investment solution.

About the Company: Swiss Alliance Group draws on 40 years of combined investment and insurance experience to offer leading investment products to vacation owners. Advocating an innovative and safe investment strategy that offers a steady stream of income after retirement, Swiss Alliance Group has helped many future-sighted investors of all ages prepare for their future with guaranteed deferred annuities.