As a provider of annuity programs to vacation and resort owners, Swiss Alliance Group is well-versed in premier vacation spots around the globe. Through its Panama office, the firm has learned about the natural beauty of Latin America.

Latin America is home to such well-known locations as the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon River, and the Andes mountains. While any visitor to the area would do well to explore these beautiful areas, the lesser-known niches of Latin America also deserve the traveler’s time. Paraguay, for example, is home to Tatí Yupí, a wildlife refuge wherein tourists and vacationers may observe such exotic animals as the capybara and the white-eared puffbird. Angel Falls in Venezuela, another pristine location in Latin America, is home to sandstone structures, rain forests, and unusual mist clouds created by the waterfalls. For the adventurous tourist, the Atacama Desert in Chile also provides a unique display of natural landscaping with its hot springs and lava formations; the terrain often is used as a practice arena for space exploration due to the area’s challenging conditions.

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